Rethinking Zoos.

«Coexist» Competition.

Inmersion in nature. Animal welfare and ecosystems restoration

Year: 2018

Client: Barcelona Zoological Park / Barcelona City Council

Sunlight´s proposal for the “Rethinking Zoos Competition” is the project named: “Immersion in Nature” focused in the conservation, research and education in animal life.

The general idea is to conserve the nature and welfare of animals, as well as to change the way people observe them.

We propose three types of ecosystems: North Africa, Mountain (Pyrenees) and Wetlands. Species of fauna and flora have been chosen for each ecosystem in order to ensure the replication of the animal´s natural habitat.

The park has a huge entertainment character. To create an attractive space that does not conflict with animal life, several points of interest are proposed: elevated paths, a train ride, observation points, and a cave where it is possible to observe the area dedicated to the protection and investigation of endangered species, a 5D movie theatre, a museum and places to escape from the stress of urban life.