Chasing the look. Allariz International Garden Festival


Year: 2018

Client: private

The garden has been selected in the 2018 edition of the Allariz International Garden Festival, with eroticism as the theme.

The main inspiration for the concept design has been «the dance», because it is a movement game that allows our discovery and the discovery of the other person. “Dance” is a personal movement that can be shared and admired by others, as well as eroticism, which is something intimate that, almost instinctively, is shared. The design of this space is based on the shape of two bodies that dance with each other, assuming very different geometric shapes, and very different vegetation, which make up two different landscapes, two opposites that attract each other.
Eroticism is intimately linked to seduction, and this is associated with the look. For this reason, we call our garden “Chasing the look”.